Need an ice breaker for your next party? You have interesting friends, but they don’t know each other. How do you get them to interact?


Ensure a lively party. Invite Clinton to give readings.



Clinton has a unique approach to readings designed to get your guests talking and sharing.

Clinton brings small groups together for a lively and often humorous interaction that will soon become a focal point for your curious guests. As the readings progress, your guests will share intimate details about their past, their relationships, their plans, and their concerns—exactly the type of details that will enable your guests to follow up with each other after the reading and have deeper discussions based on the connections that they just learned that they have to each other.

Clinton’s approach is fast paced, surprisingly accurate, and ends with a “magical moment” for each participant. 


Give your guest of honor a memorable gift: a personalized poem that Delores will read at your event.